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10/06/2019 – AI3SD Attends CogX

In mid June 2019, Dr Samantha Kanza and Dr Nicola Knight attended CogX: The Festival of AI and Emerging Technology in the scenic Coal Drops Yard near Kings Cross. This event had the real festival feel with outdoor stages and on the first day typical British weather that had us all hiding indoors where possible. Despite the rain however it was a great event.

This festival boasted a packed expo with a range of cool new machine learning demonstrations and products, including the chance to drive in a Red Bull Formula One car, and enjoy Virtual Reality fun with IBM using an Oculus Rift.

There were also 10 different stages:

  • Impact Stage
  • Ethics Stage
  • Future of Work and Education Stage
  • Innovation, Investment and the Economy Stage
  • Cutting Edge Stage
  • Lab to Live Stage
  • Web 3.0 & Decentralised Future Stage
  • The Alan Turing Research Stage
  • Health Stage
  • Canal Stage

Overall it was a very interesting event with many thought provoking talks demonstrating current advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies with a heavy focus on cryptocurrencies and block chain.

The original event information can be found here.