Support for early career researchers will be provided by financial assistance for travel to workshops, conferences and secondments, enabling time to be spent with others (early and senior researchers) at the meetings, and the incubator.

Here is a link to our Application Form for Early Career Researchers to apply for funds to attend meetings that are both relevant to them and relevant to the AI3SD Network+. Funding is conditional on providing a meeting report (templates provided here).

A few guidelines: When you fill in our form please make sure to specify each individual cost that you require and state what it is for:

For Example:

  • Flights: Please specify both airports for your flights, which airline you are using, and the exact cost of the flight you are looking at
  • Trains: Please specify the outbound and return railway station, which type of ticket you require and the exact cost
  • Hotels: Please specify the Hotel you want to book, the number of nights and the type of room
  • Conference Tickets: Please give full details of the ticket type of cost

With respect to receiving the funding. Our preferred way of allocating these funds is to book and organise your event for you through our booking systems. If this is not feasible, then you will need to book it yourself through your own university and claim any appropriate expenses through your own University and then invoice AI3SD via the University of Southampton. Please send ALL communications through to our Network+ Coordinator Please decide or find out which way you are planning to do this before you fill in our form, and indicate which method you will use on the form.