As part of the AI4SD Network+ we are looking to create a set of re-useable resources for our Network+ members, and indeed to be used after the duration of the Network+ for research in the areas of AI for Scientific Discovery. We would appreciate contributions and suggestions from members about what to include in these resources. We are currently actively seeking suggestions on the following:

  • Data Resources – datasets for AI and Scientific discovery. We are very happy to provide links to relevant datasets so please contact us if you want us to host and or display your data.
  • Learning Resources – Webinars, tutorials and other learning resources for AI and Scientific discovery.
  • Literature Resources – Important papers in the areas of chemicals, materials and AI, and leading research groups to help us construct a literature resource and review of AI for Scientific Discovery. We have setup a Zotero Group for members to join and directly add literature into.
  • Software Resources – Open source software tools for AI and Scientific discovery.
  • COVID-19 Resources – A list of COVID-19 Initiatives and Resources.

If you have any suggestions for adding to any of these resources, please get in touch with us. You can make these suggestions by: