20-24/06/2022 – AI4SD Machine Learning Summer School

We are pleased to announce that this summer AI4SD will be running a hybrid residential summer school from the 20th-24th June 2022 at the University of Southampton. This summer school will introduce you to basic python programming, different areas of machine learning including mathematical foundations for ML, classification and clustering, kernel methods, introduction to deep learning and case studies in chemistry including reinforcement learning in chemistry. There will also be talks to upskill scientists in other relevant areas including Group Management, Presentation Skills, Research Data Management, Referencing, LaTeX, GitHub and Ethics. The summer school will include a hackathon where students can compete in teams to solve the same problem in the best way. Group presentations will take place on the friday and prizes will be given to the winning team.

The key dates are as follows:

  • 10th May 2022 – Applications open
  • 6th June 2022 – Deadline for applications (Submitted via our Summer School Application Form)
  • 10th June 2022 – Successful applicants announced
  • 1st July 2022 – Reports Due in

How to apply
Please fill in the Summer School Application Form and and also get your supervisor or line manager to email s.kanza@soton.ac.uk in support of this application.

To be eligible for this summer school you should be a PhD Student or Early Career Researcher at an eligible UK institution. Higher education institutions, and some research council institutes and independent research organisations are eligible to apply. A list of eligible organisations to apply to EPSRC is provided at: https://www.ukri.org/funding/how-to-apply/eligibility/.

This summer school is FREE to attend! But we do have a limited number of place (both physically and virtually).

Hackathon Expectations
Groups will present their work from the hackathon challenge on the final day (friday) and will be expected to hand in a short report by the 1st July. There will be a £200 prize for the best group report. Reports MUST be submitted by 00:00 BST on the 1st July to be considered for the prize.

Physical Attendees & Expectations
Accommodation and all meals will be provided as part of the summer school. Due to the high demand for places, attendees will be split across two hotels. The hotels are between 30-50 minutes walk from campus, anyone requiring alternative arrangements can get in touch with us after being accepted. If you live locally and wish to only attend during the day without staying at our provided accommodation that is fine, and in which case lunch will be provided on each day. We do expect you attend each session where possible.

Virtual Attendees
All sessions will take place via zoom and will be recorded and made available. However, as there are only a certain number of places we do expect you to attend each session where possible.


Day 1: 20th June
10:00-10:15Coffee02 Foyer
10:15-10:30Welcome & LogisticsDr Samantha Kanza02/1083
10:30-11:30Introduction to PythonMr Samuel Munday02/1083
11:30-11:45Coffee Break02 Foyer
11:45-12:15Introduction to GitHubMr Samuel Munday02/1083
12:15-13:15Lunch Break02 Foyer
13:15-14:15Using RDKitMr Samuel Munday02/1083
14:15-15:15ML1: Mathematical Foundations for MLProf Mahesan Niranjan02/1083
15:15-15:30Coffee Break02 Foyer
15:30-16:30ML2: Classification and ClusteringProf Mahesan Niranjan02/1083
17:00-19:00Group BBQ
Day 2: 21st June
10:00-10:15Coffee02 Foyer
10:15-11:15ML3: Kernel methodsProf Mahesan Niranjan02/1083
11:15-11:30Coffee Break02 Foyer
11:30-12:30ML4: Introduction to Deep LearningProf Mahesan Niranjan02/1083
12:30-13:30Lunch Break02 Foyer
13:30-14:30ML5: Case studies in ChemistryProf Mahesan Niranjan02/1083
14:30-15:00Project Management & Collaborative Data ManagementDr Samantha Kanza02/1083
15:00-15:15Coffee Break02 Foyer
15:15-16:30Group Formation & Hackathon IntroductionDr Jo Grundy02/1083
Day 3: 22nd June
10:00-10:15Coffee02 Foyer
10:15-10:35Intro to LaTeXDr Samantha Kanza02/1083
10:35-10:55LaTeX & OverleafDr Nicola Knight02/1083
10:55-11:15Ethics & Writing Ethics ApplicationsDr Samantha Kanza
11:15-11:30Coffee Break02 Foyer
11:30-11:50Referencing & Referencing ManagersDr Nicola Knight02/1083
11:50-12:10Collaborative Presentations & ReportsDr Samantha Kanza02/1083
12:10-12:30Presentation SkillsDr Nicola Knight02/1083
12:30-13:30Lunch Break02/1083
13:30-15:15Group Hackathon Session28/1019
15:15-15:45Coffee Break02 Foyer
15:45-16:30ML6: Reinforcement Learning in ChemistryDr Stephen Gow02/1083
Day 4: 23rd June
10:00-10:15Coffee28 Foyer
10:15-11:15Group Hackathon Session28/1019
11:15-11:30Coffee Break28 Foyer
11:30-12:30Group Hackathon Session28/1019
12:30-13:30Lunch Break28 Foyer
13:30-15:00Group Hackathon Session28/1019
15:00-15:15Coffee Break28 Foyer
15:15-16:30Group Hackathon Session28/1019
Day 5: 24th June
09:15-09:30Coffee02 Foyer
09:30-10:15Group Hackathon Time & Presentation Preparation02/1083
10:15-10:45Group Presentations02/1083
10:45-11:00Coffee Break02 Foyer
11:00-12:15Group Presentations02/1083
12:15-12:30Presentation FeedbackProf Jeremy Frey & Prof Mahesan Niranjan02 Foyer