The AI4SD Network is hosted at the University of Southampton. It is run by the Network Executive Group (NEG) with input from the Advisory Board (AB) Members. There are also a number of Organisations who were part of our Network+ Application.

Network Executive Group

  • Professor Jeremy Frey (Principal Investigator) – University of Southampton
  • Professor Mahesan Niranjan (Co-Investigator) – University of Southampton
  • Dr Samantha Kanza (Network+ Coordinator) – University of Southampton
  • Mrs Victoria Hooper (Chief Network+ Administrator) – University of Southampton
  • Dr Nicola Knight (PSDS Consultant) – University of Southampton

Advisory Board

  • Professor John Overington (Chair) – Medicine Discovery Catapult
  • Dr Nathan Brown – Benevolent AI
  • Dr Louise Dennis – University of Liverpool
  • Mr Matthew Dovey – Jisc
  • Professor Mark Girolami – Imperial College London
  • Professor Val Gillett – University of Sheffield
  • Professor Jonathan Goodman – University of Cambridge
  • Professor Tony Hey – Science and Technologies Facility Council
  • Dr William McNeill – University of Southampton
  • Professor Harris Makatroris – Cranfield University
  • Professor Andy Stanford-Clark – IBM
  • Professor Richard Whitby – University of Southampton
  • Professor David Woods – University of Southampton

More information about the members of these groups can be found on their individual pages.