Please get in touch with our Network+ Coordinator Samantha Kanza on if you have any questions. Questions will be added to this FAQ page, so check below to see if you question has already been answered.

For prospective students, are graduates between an Undergraduate degree and PhD eligible?
This is an undergraduate internship call, so prospective students must be in the middle years of their first degree (e.g. completed at least first year, and not graduated yet).
Are there any restrictions on nationality of the prospective student?

The student needs to be to be eligible to be employed by that university or academic institute that is awarded the funding, so either they need to be UK based or have an appropriate visa to work for the institute.

Will the wage costs include National Insurance and Superannuation (pension)?

Yes. AI3SD will be paying the wage (national living wage) plus NI and superannuation, at an overall rate of 80% as per standard fEC on EPSRC grants.

Are the students able to work remotely for these internships?

Absolutely! Each submission must include a COVID-19 mitigation plan detailing how the internship can still take place if we remain in lockdown. As such, remote working is allowed and indeed actively encouraged if lockdown restrictions are still in place!

The call asks for cutting-edge AI, can AI be interpreted broadly enough to include Data Science or Visualisation?

Yes, as long as it is cutting edge!