This page lists all the reports that have been created as part of the AI4SD Network+ Outputs

Event Series Reports

Report DetailsAuthor
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-1: Semantics 2018 Dr Samantha Kanza 
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-2: PhenoHarmonIS 2018Dr Samantha Kanza
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-3: Machine Intelligence Showcase 2018Dr Samantha Kanza
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-4: AI3SD Network+ Launch 2018 Michelle Pauli
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-5: Recoding Black Mirror Workshop 2019 Dr Samantha Kanza
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-6: Molecules, Graphs & AI Workshop 2019 Dr Nicola Knight
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-7: AI in Drug Discovery & Drug Safety Workshop 2019 Dr Wendy Warr
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-8: AI in Materials Discovery Workshop 2019 Dr Nicola Knight & Dr Colin Bird
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-9: Paperless Lab Conference 2019Dr Samantha Kanza &
Dr Nicola Knight
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-10: Semantics & Knowledge Learning for Chemical Design Workshop 2019 Dr Samantha Kanza
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-11: Machine Learning for Materials Science Workshop 2019 Dr James Cumby
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-12: 10th Triennial Congress of the International Society for Theoretical Chemical Physics 2019 Dr Grant Hill
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-13: AI & ML in Chemical Discovery & Development 2019 Dr Bao Nguyen
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-14: AI3SD & IoFT AI for Allergen Detection Workshop Report 2019  Michelle Pauli
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-15: AI3SD Network+ Conference Report 2019 Michelle Pauli
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-16: AI3SD, OSM & RSC-CICAG Predicting the activity of Drug Candidates when there is no target Workshop Report Dr Chris Swain
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-17: AI3SD, Dial-a-Molecule & Directed Assembly: AI for Reaction Outcome and Synthetic Route Prediction Conference Report 2020 Dr Wendy Warr
AI3SD-Event-Series:Report-18: AI3SD AI4Good Workshop @ WebSci’20 Report 2020 Michelle Pauli
AI3SD-Event-Series: Report-19: Failed it to Nailed it! How to get data sharing right! – Dealing with Data: Tips & Tricks Dr Samantha Kanza &
Dr Nicola Knight
AI3SD-Event-Series: Report-20: Failed it to Nailed it! How to get data sharing right! – Data Standards
Dr Samantha Kanza &
Dr Nicola Knight
AI3SD-Event-Series: Report-21: Failed it to Nailed it! How to get data sharing right! – Responsible Data ManagementDr Samantha Kanza &
Dr Nicola Knight
AI3SD-Event-Series: Report-22: Failed it to Nailed it! How to get data sharing right! – Data Citations and PublishingDr Samantha Kanza &
Dr Nicola Knight
AI3SD-Event-Series: Report-23: AI4Proteins: Protein Structure PredictionDr Wendy Warr
AI4SD-Event-Series: Report-24: AI4SD Conference Dr Wendy Warr

Project Series Reports

Predicting the Activity of Drug Candidates where there is No Target.
Principal Investigator. Professor Matthew Todd, Lead Institution: UCL, Project Partners: Auromind, ExScientia & Intellegens
Interim Report
Final Report
DOI Link
‘Next-next’ Generation Quantum DNA Sequencing with Chemical Surface Design and Capsule Nets.
Principal Investigator: Professor Tim Albrecht, Lead Institution: University of Birmingham, Project Partner: City, University of London
Interim Report
Final Report
DOI Link
Deep Learning enhanced quantum chemistry: Pushing the limits of Materials Discovery.
Principal Investigator: Dr Reinhard J. Maurer, Lead Institution: University of Warwick, Project Partners: University of Strathclyde & Carnegie Mellon University
Interim Report
Final Report
DOI Link
Optimising Flatland: Inverse design of desalination membranes.
Principal Investigator: Dr J. Grant Hill, Lead Institution: University of Sheffield, Project Partners: Imperial College London
Interim Report
Final Report
DOI Link
Interpretable crystal descriptions across length scales for materials discovery.
Principal Investigator: Dr James Cumby, Lead Institution: University of Edinburgh
Interim Report
Final Report
DOI Link
Active Learning for Cost-Efficient Reaction Prediction using Kinetic Data.
Principal Investigator: Dr Paul Dingwall, Lead Institution: Queens University Belfast.
Interim Report
Final Report
DOI Link
Artificial intelligence for reconstruction and super-resolution of chemical tomography.
Principal Investigator: Dr Keith Butler, Lead Institution: STFC. Project Partners: Finden, Ltd
Interim Report
Final Report
DOI Link

Humans of AI4SD Series

Interview InfoInterviewer
Interview-1: Professor Andy Stanford-Clark Michelle Pauli
Interview-2: Professor John Overington Dr Wendy Warr
Interview-3: Professor Jonathan Goodman Professor Jeremy Frey
Interview-4: Dr Naomi Jacobs Dr Samantha Kanza
Interview-5: Dr Reinhard Maurer Michelle Pauli
Interview-6: Professor Matthew Todd Michelle Pauli
Interview-7: Professor Tim Albrecht Michelle Pauli
Interview-8: Dr Jennifer HiscockMichelle Pauli
Interview-9: Dr Nicholas WatsonMichelle Pauli
Interview-10: Dr Martin Immanuel-BittnerMichelle Pauli
Interview-11: Dr Simone VannucciniMichelle Pauli
Interview-12: Ms Ekaterina PrytkovaMichelle Pauli
Interview-13: Dr Louise DennisMichelle Pauli
Interview-14: Dr Zosia BecklesMichelle Pauli
Interview-15: Dr Keith ButlerMichelle Pauli
Interview-16: Dr James CumbyMichelle Pauli
Interview-17: Dr Terhi Nurmikko-FullerMichelle Pauli
Interview-18: Dr Mark WarneMichelle Pauli
Interview-19: Dr Paul DingwallMichelle Pauli
Interview-20: Dr Grant HillMichelle Pauli
Interview-21: Dr Al DossetterMichelle Pauli
Interview-22: Dr Aurora ClarkMichelle Pauli
Interview-23: Dr Barbara ZdrazilMichelle Pauli
Interview-24: Professor Carlos ZednikMichelle Pauli
Interview-25: Egon Willighagen Michelle Pauli
Interview-26: Professor Charlotte DeaneMichelle Pauli
Interview-27: Christopher GutteridgeMichelle Pauli
Interview-28: Dr Will McNeillMichelle Pauli
Interview-29: Professor Tony HeyMichelle Pauli
Interview-30: Professor Henry RzepaMichelle Pauli
Interview-31: Dr Frank LangbeinMichelle Pauli
Interview-32: Dr Heather KulikMichelle Pauli
Interview-33: Dr Jan JensenMichelle Pauli
Interview-34: Jules TillyMichelle Pauli
Interview-35: Professor Markus KraftMichelle Pauli
Interview-36: Dr Nessa CarsonMichelle Pauli
Interview-37: Yingfang YuanMichelle Pauli
Interview-38: Professor Zoheir SabeurMichelle Pauli
Interview-39: Dr Olexandr IsayevMichelle Pauli

AI4SD Intern Series Reports

Report DetailsInternDOI
AI3SD-Intern-Series_Report-1_BarrettRhyan BarrettDOI Link
AI3SD-Intern-Series_Report-4_GreenhalghLouis GreenhalghDOI Link
AI3SD-Intern-Series_Report-5_FenzlAspen FenzlDOI Link
AI3SD-Intern_Series_Report-6_CalvacheKevin CalvacheDOI Link
AI3SD-Intern-Series_Report-7_AllamThomas AllamDOI Link
AI3SD-Intern-Series_Report-8_ScrippsSarah ScrippsDOI Link
AI3SD-Intern-Series_Report-9_WongKing WongDOI Link
AI3SD-Intern-Series_Report-10_CattonAnna CattonDOI Link
AI3SD-Intern-Series_Report-11_VekassyAndrΓ‘s VekassyDOI Link

AI4SD ML Summer School Group Reports

Report DetailsProject TeamDOI
Group: 1
Challenge: Task 1 – Predict solubility given a large set of calculated features
Jonathan Swain (University of Cambridge)
Bradley Patrick (Nottingham Trent University)
Andrea Frisco (University College London)
Dan Criveanu (University of Nottingham)
DOI Link
Group: 2
Challenge: Task 3 – Detect Defects in Electron Microscopy Images
Ross J. Urquhart (University of Strathclyde)
Chris Woodley (University of Liverpool)
Katerina Karoni (University of Edinburgh)
Jan Elsner (UCL)
Daniel York (Swansea University)
DOI Link
Group: 5
Challenge: Task 2 – Event Detection in Nanopore Data
Anna Bachs Herrera (Swansea University)
Abdoulatif Cisse (The University of Liverpool)
Emilio Alexis de la Cruz Nun Μƒez Andrade (Swansea University)
Philipp Deussen (UCL)
Ivan Yankov (University of Strathclyde)
DOI Link
Group: 6
Challenge: Task 3 – Detect Defects in Electron Microscopy Images
Robert Dickson (University of Liverpool)
Ben Honore (University of Bristol)
Hai Lin (University of Liverpool)
Rachael Pirie (Newcastle University)
DOI Link
Group: 7
Challenge: Task 3 – Defect Detection in Graphene Sheets
James Osborne (University of Liverpool)
Ellie Nelson (University of York)
Edvin Mamo (University College Dublin)
Shaoqi Zhan (University of Oxford)
Steven Tendyra (University of Manchester)
DOI Link
Group: 8
Challenge: Task 2 – Event Detection in Nanopore Data
Wole Ademola Adewole (University of Southampton)
Halil Ibrahim Aysel (University of Southampton)
Stephen Gow (University of Southampton)
Zheng Jiang (University of Southampton)
Dimitrios Stamatis (University of Southampton)
DOI Link
Group: 14
Challenge: Task 3 – Defect Detection in Graphene Sheets
Peng Bao (University of Liverpool)
Jack Macklin (University of Bath)
Masood Gheasi (University of Southampton)
DOI Link
Group: 16
Challenge: Task 3 – Detect Defects in Electron Microscopy Images
Xuerui Guo (University of Southampton)
Zien Ma (Cardiff University)
Jayanta Kumar Pal (University of Liverpool)
DOI Link