We will be organising the following types of Events (listed below) throughout the duration of the Network+. A full list of the events we are planning can be found on our AI3SD Events Page, and a list of relevant events throughout the year hosted by other institutions can be found on our AI3SD Events of Interest Page.

Proposed Network Activities

  • Horizon Scanning, Literature Surveys: We will undertake Horizon scanning exercise to identify promising areas and provide small grants for on-going literature reviews and annotated bibliographies to provide informed briefing for new workshop discussions and feed into the network’s socials media engagement.
  • Networking Activities, Conferences & Workshops: Key face-to-face networking activities will include 3 or 4 wide ranging Network Conferences (e.g. introductory, midterm and latter conferences) with the workhorse of the networking provided by workshops, which will be fully facilitated, with notes taken and reports generated for dissemination and publication (we have well tried and tested contacts for taking full notes of workshops and providing written and graphical record of the meetings, which will be widely distributed).
  • Workshop+: An extension to the workshop process will be the concept of ‘workshop+’, which are research projects bookended by two workshops, the first to define the detailed area and aims and objectives of the research areas and define the detailed work, and the second to report, disseminate and sustain the research.
  • Hack Sessions (Hackathons): Blending the workshop process with the curated exemplar datasets, we will hold hack sessions (associate with other conferences when suitable) to investigate novel ways to process the datasets and model the associated images. These may then lead to new proposals for the pilot or incubator projects (sandpit-like process).