At AI4SD we are always interested in getting involved with relevant workshops. If you are planning to put on a workshop that is relevant to the research interests of the Network+, or if you have been wanting to put on a relevant workshop but didn’t necessarily have sufficient funds, you can apply to us for co-sponsorship and co-organisation of your workshop.

Here is a link to our Workshop Application Form.

A few guidelines: When you fill in our form please make sure to specify each individual cost that you require and state what it is for:

For Example:

  • Location Hire (How much the locations for the size you are considering cost, whether room hire is included in the day delegate rate, what the day delegate rate is etc)
  • Catering (Again, is this included in the day delegate rate, if not how much do external caterers cost, are you looking for additional catering such as evening receptions, dinners etc)
  • Speaker Costs
  • Travel Expenses (for Speakers / Attendees)
  • Accommodation Costs (for Speakers / Attendees)

With respect to receiving the funding. We expect you to book the event yourself through your own institution and invoice us for the agreed contribution. We are happy to provide logistical and organisational help, as well as of course promoting the event through the Network channels. Please send ALL communications through to our Network Team at