You are currently viewing 26/05/2021 – AI 4 Protein Seminar Series: III

26/05/2021 – AI 4 Protein Seminar Series: III

This seminar was the third in the AI3SD and RSC-CICAG AI 4 Proteins Series. This seminar was hosted online via a zoom webinar and the event consisted of two talks on this subject. Below are the speaker biographies, and the full playlist of this seminar can be found here.

Predicting Metalloproteomes by Machine Learning – Professor Chu Wang (Peking University)

Chu Wang received Ph.D. in 2007 from University of Washington under the guidance of Professor David Baker, training in the area of computational protein structural prediction and design. He then worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Professor Benjamin Cravatt at The Scripps Research Institute, Lo Jolla, and developed multiple chemical proteomic methods to profile reactive cysteines and modifications in proteomes. In 2014, he joined Peking University as a tenure-track assistant professor of Chemical Biology and was promoted to the full professor in 2020. His research interest is to develop chemical and computational proteomics methods to enable quantitative profiling of functional enzymes, protein post-translational modifications as well as protein-ligand interactions in proteomes.

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Multiscale simulation of biomolecular mechanisms and dynamics: from enzyme evolution to receptor activationProfessor Adrian J Mulholland

Adrian Mulholland is a Professor of Chemistry and School Research Director in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol. His research focuses on the investigation of mechanisms of enzyme catalysis, and biomolecular structure and function more generally, by computational modelling and simulation. He was awarded the 2020 John Meurig Thomas Medal β€˜for outstanding and innovative work in catalytic science’ and is an ERC Advanced Grant holder.

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