You are currently viewing 08/07/2021 – Skills4Scientists: Intro to Python 1

08/07/2021 – Skills4Scientists: Intro to Python 1

This the second event in the virtual Skills 4 Scientists series run by the Artificial Intelligence for Scientific Discovery Network+ (AI3SD) and the Physical Sciences Data-Science Service (PSDS). This seminar was hosted online via a zoom webinar and the event consisted of two talks on this subject. Below are the speaker biographies, and the full playlist of this seminar can be found here.

Setup, environments, installing packages, intro to Jupyter – Samuel Munday

Using RDKit – Samuel Munday

Samuel Munday is a Research Assistant at the University of Southampton. He is currently part of the ICURe programme, and his research focus is in the digital economy space, interviewing and working with industry to assess the need for systems that can automatically curate and contextualise information from paper records. Samuel graduated from the University of Southampton in 2018 with an MChem in Chemistry and Maths, and prior to undertaking his recent position, he worked as a Research Technician at the University, and was involved with a variety of different projects. He led the development and implementation of a machine learning platform for the polymeric materials sector, aiding them in bringing new products to market faster. He has also developed and helped deliver a Python programming course for undergraduate Chemists as well as being involved in assessing the ethical implications of implementing AI and data sharing across the food supply chain.

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