You are currently viewing 12/12/2018 – Faraday Division Chemistry Software Tools Meeting

12/12/2018 – Faraday Division Chemistry Software Tools Meeting

The Frey Group at University of Southampton (including Jeremy and Samantha) helped out at this event. It was designed to help physical chemists find the best software tools for their research, and Jeremy and Samantha presented talks on Responsible, Reproducible Research & FAIR Data, and Collaborative Paper Writing: Google Docs, Word and Office 365, TeX and Overleaf. There were also other talks on using GitHub, using Electronic Lab Notebooks, how to give presentations, and about joining the Royal Society of Chemistry. This was a very informative events, and a great opportunity for us to connect with researchers in this field and promote the Network+ to them as a place for them to make new contacts and see what relevant events and funding calls we had in place that were applicable to their research.

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