Please follow these guidelines for submitting your Poster & Lightening Video:

  • Poster Format: Please use this template (Coming Soon) to produce your poster. Please submit both your Poster in (.pdf) and your Video in (.mp4).
  • File-naming convention: Successful poster applications will be given a number. Please use the following standard file naming format: “P” followed by your poster number, using leading zeros, followed by an underscore, then your first name, then a second underscore, your last name, and finally the filename extension, “.mp4”. For example, a poster from Regina Mills would be named: “P01_Regina_Mills.pdf”, and a video about a Poster from Regina Mills would be named: “P01_Regina_Mills_Smith.mp4”.
  • Video format: Use MPEG-4 movie format, i.e. filename extension “.mp4”.
  • Video codec: Use either the AAC or H.264 codecs.
  • Aspect ratio: Use 16:9 standard, i.e. dimensions: 1920 x 1080 (this is also known as HD video standard; US & UK digital broadcast TV standard)
  • Sound level: Make sure your microphone sensitivity or sound input level is set to be as sensitive as possible. Ideally, use a headset or get close to the microphone.
  • Ambient sound: Try to record your audio in an environment without smooth, hard surfaces, to avoid echoes. Try to avoid background noise or echo. Offices with hard surfaces might not be the best place to record, bedrooms with soft furnishing might be better; You can place soft items such as a blanket nearby, or record in a bedroom near curtains, to soften the acoustics. For more tips, check out:
  • Online storage: These are large files so email transfer may not be possible it is better to store your video on a cloud-accessible drive such as iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox, etc.
  • Headshot: You can use the “picture-in-picture” feature to include video of you presenting, if you are comfortable doing so. Viewers who are hard of hearing appreciate the option for lipreading. In Zoom, e.g., you can share your screen while presenting your slide(s), and then live video from your webcam will appear in the top right corner. If you do this, make sure to leave room in the corner of your slide(s) clear for the picture-in-picture.